100% Builder Programme

Create Unstoppable Confidence With The 100% Builder Professional Programme

Everyone succeeds or fails in Network Marketing because of their 'confidence in success' because this is the key to massive action.

It is confidence that releases your motivation and turns it into action. It is confidence is the 'influence' you need to move people into action. 


A few people who join our business are blessed with naturally high entreprenuerial confidence and a few others are so desparate for success that they will overcome their naturally low confidence to take action. EVERYONE ELSE has to build their confidence through COMPETENCE ['Professional Development']

Ed Ludbrook has been the global pioneer of Professional Development based Network Marketing working with numerous leaders and teams around the world. This 'Network Builder' is probably the 20th generation of his Professional Development programme for those people that want to build a network into momentum.

Everything is this programme has been tested countless times and it is the ONLY Professional Development programme of its type.

So you have a choice....

  1. Use a standard 'Pioneer' training and have a 2% chance of success, OR
  2. Develop your own Builder Professional Development programme, OR
  3. Use Edward's 100% Builder programme. 

Frankly speaking, its a very simple choice isn't it!

If you want to succeed, and you understand that success means a $million business, and you know you need to build your confidence through mastering the detail of the five key learning areas to build a Network... then its time to join the 100% Builder Community. 


You will learn how to build a High Performance Network that lasts forever.  The 100% Builder Programme will solve any issues you have with motivation, sponsoring and duplication. At the end of this programme you will be able to:

1. Talk to anyone confidently about this business.

2. Help anyone become motivated and confidence to independence.

3.  Sponsor a steady stream of business builder

4. Coach anyone to take action

'Getting Ed's 100% Builder programme was the smartest decision I have made since joining my company. I was struggling taking action. I feel stupid because I saw other people getting results so I thought there was something wrong with me. It made so much sense that I just had to learn the knowledge and skills. Within 90 days, I had the confidence to climb two ranks and my income increased $2,500. Fantastic! Don't hesitate taking this programme!'

Tom J, United Kingdom. 

The Ultimate Training Programme

There are four things to understand about this programme [other than it works!]:

  1. There are five key learning modules that everyone must learn to be a confident Builder
  2. The training is based on Ed's patented 100% Learning system which is the only proven system of guaranteeing your confidence success
  3. The training is delivered in multi-media format, mainly video for maximum learning speed
  4. It is delivered online within time limits so you can learn when you want, how you want for as long as you need.

Remember this training has been proven by 1000's of people from all over the world so you can trust that it will work for you. 

'It took 30 minutes for my confidence to start rising. Amazing. I suppose it was because this learning approach, assuming that confidence is the key, rather than just all that 'opportunity' stuff, that made total sense to me. As a woman, I have no idea how you could build confidence in the business any other way.'

Sally F, CO, USA 

The Learning Modules

This programme delivers the FIVE Learning Modules in two Parts 2 for easier learning:

Part 1 - Unstoppable Sponsoring

  1.        The Fundamentals of High Performance Network Marketing. This covers subjects such as 'How to build a High Performance Network', 'How to be a High Performance Professional', 'How people learn in Network Marketing' 'The communication basics every Professional must know', 'The social media basics every Professional must know'.
  2. Discovery Sponsoring - Discovery sponsoring is the new approach to sponsoring that is the ONLY sponsoring approach that 98% of people can master. In this module, you will learn everything from creating Unlimited Leads within your warm market, Buzzline Inviting, Coffee presentations, Easy Recruiting, and how to coach someone in 'Discovery'.
Part 2 - Unstoppable Momentum

  1. 100% Motivation - How to build unstoppable motivation, confidence and commitment in anyone.  There is key knowledge of motivation that every Network Professional must know for themselves yet more importantly for sponsoring and coaching. 
  2. 100% Retail - How to build massive customer volume. This covers the key knowledge that every Professional must know to produce a High Performance Customer base and to create high level of Customer Volume that you must have to have a booming stable network. 
  3. 100% Coaching - How to coach anyone to high performance and independence. Coaching is the key to confidence, activity and duplication. In this module you will learn the ONLY proven coaching strategy that works in Network Marketing. You will learn the Four Step Coaching Session. How to build long distance. How to do Home Practice Workshops.

Easy to Use 24/7

Pay one fee to join for unlimited 24/7 use. All training modules are presented in video with workbooks, mindmaps and notes. This is complete convenient training.

Worth a $million 

We would prefer you focused on your goal...success in your business. When you are a leader, you will earn a 5-6 figure income each year and this training programme is the key to your confidence and success. Its worth a $million to you!

 Your decision today is simple. Each of the Training Modules are effectively a training programme in themselves and some have sold independently for $197. So this is really a $1000 Course.

And this programme normally sells for US$297. YET....


US$97 is NOTHING compared to the confidence you will have...

so join now...and start your journey to success!

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Complete Guarantee

It's very simple. There is No risk as we have a 'No Questions Asked' 30 day guarantee.

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